Black Poets Society is community of people looking to uncover the uncomfortable parts of modern and historic American culture. Open to all, together we build empathy, explore otherness and create a safe space to uncover hard or even previously unknown conversations around cultural points of conflict in America with the foundational belief that love changes everything. We welcome people of all races, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders and abilities. #blackpoetssociety

Michelle Jones is a pastor, writer, and speaker, currently serving at Imago Dei Community Church in Portland, OR.

A self described “word nerd,” she engages her audiences on a variety of topics, which draw from her extensive work in entertainment and ministry.

Michelle is an award-winning sitcom writer and producer. Her credits include “In The House,” “Parent Hood,” and “In Living Color.”

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Mindy Haidle’s happiest days are facilitating creative workshops for people going through the stuff of life.

She fell hard for poetry and painting as a way of dealing with her own anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain and considers them a central part of her healing process.

Her Masters in Teaching and her studies in philosophy, writing, and art are the backbone to her workshop design.

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